FAQ about Colorado Chartered Flights

What kind of airplane will we fly in?

We will be flying in an 8 seat Cessna 421C. The Cessna 421 series has proven over the past 40 years to have a very high safety
record. Our aircraft has gone through a rigorous, months-long inspection from the FAA. The FAA and multiple third-party maintenance facilities have confirmed the aircraft to be in top condition and safe for flight.

How far can I go on a flight?

Range before needing a fuel stop is limited to weight and the amount of fuel we can carry. Typically this aircraft can travel around 800 miles before needing to stop for fuel.

Can it fly in bad weather?

Our specific aircraft has the capability to fly in all types of weather. In Colorado, weather can change from sunny, to blizzard conditions in a matter of hours. This airplane can handle those conditions and was built for that purpose.

What can I bring on the airplane?

One aspect that is great about private aircraft is that you can bring your bags on with you and no security lines! We still follow the same rules as major airlines when it comes to prohibited items such as car batteries, compressed gasses, chemicals. We don’t limit food, water, or liquids or gels. If you want to bring your own food or beverages that’s okay as well. When carrying items that you are questioning simply give us a call and we can confirm for you if it allowed.

Do I have insurance?

RFS aviation provides passenger insurance of $2,000,000 per passenger for any occurrence while using RFS aviation.

What if I need to cancel my flight/reservation?

We understand that plans change, that’s why we offer a 24-hour prior-to-flight cancellation policy. If you need to cancel within the 24 hours you will be charged for the deposit only. (50%)

Can I request food or beverages for the flight?

Yes! We will provide the beverages of your choice and will be stored with ice in the onboard ice chest.

Why not a bigger plane?

Average passenger loads range from 1-8 people comfortably. With our configuration, we can keep our overhead low and pass the savings onto you.




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