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At Raber Flight Services (RFS Aviation), our goal is simple:

Provide time-saving private flights throughout the 48 Contiguous United States without the prohibitive cost of large private jets. As Colorado grows, congestion on the roads and at the airport will continue to be a major issue impacting your time and mood. Skip the Mess! Flying with RFS Aviation will provide you with an easy means to reach your destination in style, comfort, and security!

Air Carrier Certificate FAA 4RBA2810


About The Pilot

Charles Raber has more than 15 years of flying experience with more than 5,000 hours of flight time. He is an Airline transport Pilot and has experience in single pilot operations with an emphasis on mountain flying, fueling, de-icing operations, baggage handling and long-haul cross country flights, hazardous materials and is trained in logistics coordination for large parties. He is current on the citation series jets with a Pilot in command type rating, Cessna 421 Series aircraft and the Cessna 441 conquest II. Charles is also a certified flight instructor on single and multi-engine fixed wing airplanes.


Charles Raber


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